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Guiding Our Mission to “Expand the Horizons and Enhance the Quality of Life of Those We Support”

These Are Our Values:



  • Flexibility, diversity, and dignity
  • Continuous, creative, and innovative support as directed and defined by the people we support, which means people are at the heart of decision-making to direct and control their own lives
  • Welcoming, honoring, and affirming people to be their whole authentic selves
  • Listening to all voices in decision-making by including diverse perspectives in fostering equal opportunities and promoting social justice
  • Ongoing education and support to families, team members, and our communities
  • Everyone has a safe, secure, and quality place to live, love, work, learn, and play
  • People with disabilities as vital members of their community 
  • The physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of people
  • All people living meaningful and interdependent lives
  • The belief that everyone has limitless potential and is not defined by their past, recognizing and supporting each person to learn, change, and grow
  • Learning through life’s great, fun, tough, and challenging experiences 
  • Mutual respect, ethical treatment, and understanding

When you give, 100% goes to people

Your  donations help people live great lives

We are a strong community partner

We support local business and local businesses support us


Find jobs, make friends, have fun, enjoy life and have a great home of their choice.



My Home, My Life

Communities thrive when all members have a safe and comfortable home of their choice. PCL’s My Home, My Life fund directly benefits people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, empowering them to live in their own homes in the way they desire. Sometimes this means living alone, sometimes they share their house with people of their choosing. My Home, My Life was developed to help fund people’s ability to realize their desires and dreams to live the life they choose and one that makes the most sense for their individual needs. PCL needs YOUR help to make this basic quality of life a reality, because how people live matters.

Below are two stories of people who have benefited from gifts to the My Home, My Life fund.

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Covid Safety Update 11-11-2020

COVID Safety Update 11/11/2020 admin, November 11, 2020November 11, 2020, COVID-19, 0 A message for the people we support, our teammates, family members, and friends, Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, has called for a two week “Pause” to our state’s COVID 19 reopening...

Face Covering Donations

Face Covering Donations admin, April 6, 2020April 7, 2020, COVID-19, 0 PCL has a need for cloth face coverings to keep the people we support and Direct Support Professionals healthy and safe. Gracious long-time supporters Marilee Bell and Dee Aldrich have already...

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Tapestry Tips

Tapestry Tips admin, March 20, 2020March 31, 2020, COVID-19, 0 While these items are sent as Tapestry tips, they are good tips for everyone we support during this time whether they have goals supported by Tapestry, or not. During this time when Tapestry...

Dennis from Salem


Dennis (Denny) has been with PCL living his best life for a while. The job that Denny holds is important to him and to the people who benefit from his service. PCL has mail and items that need to go to people we support, and Denny comes to the main office weekday mornings with a DSP to pick up all of these items (there can be quite a few) before delivering them to the various homes with a smile. Denny rarely misses a day, and loves greeting people and making their day with the items he delivers.

Reena from Grants Pass


In 2016 Reena moved out into her own apartment in Grants Pass with the help of the My Home, My Life scholarship. Reena is originally from Hawaii and loves learning about Hawaiian food and culture. She really enjoys getting out and spends a lot of time with her friends, going to movies, watching softball games and going to concerts in the park. She hopes to one day fulfill her longtime wish of becoming a dog owner.


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