Our Mission:
Expand the horizons and enhance the

quality of life for those we support.

Do you have experience or a passion for helping people? Are you looking for a rewarding career that will inspire you? Do you want to work in a job that is hands on, fulfilling, community based, and fun?

PCL is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1988. PCL’s mission is to expand the horizons and enhance the quality of life of those we support. We offer supports in multiple counties, including Marion, Polk, Lane, Linn, Benton, Yamhill, Jackson, and Josephine.

There are amazing opportunities for everyone at PCL. So if you are creative, motivated, quick on your feet, and/or love having a good time at work, PCL is the place for you! See below on joining our team!

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$1,000 paid in installments

$100 upon date of hire
$250 upon the completion of Orientation
$150 upon the completion of 90 Days of employment
$250 upon the completion of 180 Days of employment
$250 upon the completion of 365 Days of employment

Direct Support Professional

A primary purpose of the DSP is to assist people who need support to lead self-directed lives and to participate fully in our communities and nation. This emphasis on empowerment and participation is critical because the prejudices of society form powerful barriers that prevent many people with mental or physical disabilities from enjoying a high quality of life. It is the mandate of the DSP to follow the individual path suggested by the unique gifts, preferences, and needs of each person they support, and to walk in partnership with the person, and those who love him or her, toward a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, and contribution.

You may be providing supports in one of our three regions. See the roles below for which departments offer services in specific locations.

Northern Oregon:
– Marion County (Salem, Keizer)
– Polk County (Monmouth, Independence, Dallas)
– Yamhill County (McMinnville)
– Linn County (Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home)
– Benton County (Corvallis, Philomath)

Lane County:
– Lane County(Eugene)

Southern Oregon:
– Jackson County (Medford, Central Point)
– Josephine County (Grants Pass, Merlin)


We have three different roles that you may choose to pursue with this.

(All listed in one application, you may choose multiple roles within one application)

1. Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Providing supports in Marion/Polk County, Lane County, or Jackson/Josephine County, DSPs mostly work in 24-hour residential settings. DSP’s will assist in the development and implementation of all support plans while ensuring that people with intellectual disabilities live their lives as they choose and participate within their community. DSP’s may also assist people with food preparation, personal health and hygiene needs, personal and household shopping, personal funds management and creating relationships with family and community members. Successful candidates will be ethical, patient, reliable, communicative, compassionate, adaptable, and able to work independently.

2. Transition & Children’s Services Direct Support Professional (DSP-T&C)
Providing supports in Marion County, Lane County, or Jackson/Josephine County, DSP-T&C’s mostly work in 24-hour residential settings. PCL is looking for DSPs who will provide safety, stability, nurturing, and life skills education, while also ensuring every child gets to experience a fun-filled, positive, and loving environment in which to grow and develop.

Successful candidates will be ethical, patient, reliable, tenacious, compassionate, able to work independently, and adaptable. This position will require advanced knowledge of mental health and positive behavioral support, advanced training expectations and when appropriate and necessary, sharing of overall department/team goals. This position must encourage the best practice of supporting people using evidence-based therapeutic models and environmental change to achieve consistent, stable and productive lives.

When working in this department, you would receive a $1.00/hr department differential on top of the base wage.

3. Individualized Services Direct Support Professional (DSP-IS)
Providing supports throughout Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Linn, and/or Benton County, IS-DSP’s mostly work in the homes of the people they support. They enjoy working with a variety of different people with different support needs at pre-scheduled times throughout the month. DSP-IS ‘s will facilitate and support the individual’s) supported in a manner that provides for a safe, independent, and enriched lifestyle in their home and community. IS-DSPs may assist with medical and health services management, financial resources and money management, and general activities of daily living. IS-DSPs also understand the guardianship or other legal representation of people supported, and work in partnership with legal representatives to assure that the person’s preferences are honored. Successful candidates will be ethical, patient, reliable, communicative, compassionate, flexible, able to work independently, and adaptable.

When working in this department, you would receive a $1.00/hr department differential on top of the base wage

Sign On Bonus!!!
$1,000 paid in installments

$100 upon date of hire
$250 upon the completion of Orientation
$150 upon the completion of 90 Days of employment
$250 upon the completion of 180 Days of employment
$250 upon the completion of 365 Days of employment

Direct Support Professional/Individualized

Services – Area Relief & Mentor

A primary purpose of the DSP-AR is to assist people who need support to lead self-directed lives and to participate fully in our communities and nation. The DSP-AR is generally utilized when there are long-term openings or there is a need for additional staff. It is the role of the DSP-AR to provide a feeling of reassurance, stability, and support to the team members and people supported. They are role models, mentors, and ambassadors to the team members they work with and people they support.

This position requires that you be able to work a variety of shifts. Including, but not limited to, swings, awake overnights, and live in positions. (See Shift Types tab for shift descriptions)
Working weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is a requirement for this position. The working location of your schedule is varied. You will receive your schedule at least two weeks in advance from your supervisor. You will also need to provide on-call support for one week every five to seven weeks.

You may be providing supports in one of our three regions.

Northern Oregon:
– Marion County (Salem, Keizer)
– Polk County (Monmouth, Independence, Dallas)
– Yamhill County (McMinnville)
– Linn County (Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home)
– Benton County (Corvallis, Philomath)

Lane County:
– Lane County (Eugene)
This location will also require you to travel (paid travel) to Marion County and provide supports there.

Southern Oregon:
– Jackson County (Medford, Central Point)
– Josephine County (Grants Pass, Merlin)

Service Team Coordinator

Sign On Bonus!!!
$1,000 paid in installments

$500 upon the completion of 180 Days of employment
$500 upon the completion of 365 Days of employment

The Service Team Coordinator (STC) is responsible for learning all the associated responsibilities for leading teams of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who provide services in the homes of people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and sometimes co-occurring mental illness. This position requires an individual with strong, or developing leadership/management skills: and ideally, a human services background. A successful STC will be able to demonstrate how to ensure quality service delivery as well as compliance with State regulations and all agency policies. Additionally, a STC will be able to learn/demonstrate the ability to lead through team development, open communication and also promote and challenge learning indicatives for those supervised and the people we support. This includes promoting a positive team attitude and be able to effectively respond to unexpected changes or demands.

Positions available in:

  • Jackson & Josephine Counties – Central Point, Grants Pass, Medford, Merlin
  • Lane County – Eugene
  • Marion & Polk Counties – Dallas, Independence, Keizer, Monmouth, Salem

Additional Essential Functions and Basic Duties

  • Effectively supervise assigned personnel, ensuring optimal performance and dedication to purpose
  • Provide leadership to assigned personnel through effective delegation, communication, and respect
  • Take pride in meeting deadlines, producing quality work and implementing PCL’s mission and values
  • Willing to recognize and promote an environment of high expectation and a supportive approach to conflict resolution
  • Promote and challenge learning initiatives for those supervised and those we support
  • Dedication to education and growth.
  • Willing to modify, adapt and innovate
  • Willing to accept the role of “mentor and example” to other emerging professionals

Additional Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to multitask and define priority with scheduled duties
  • Extraordinary interpersonal communication skills and ability empathize with people experiencing challenges
  • Developed ability to remain organized, attentive to detail, and understanding of professionally ethics
  • Sound understanding of mental health diagnosis, support modalities, and co-occurring disorders
  • Effectively able to utilize computer and assistive technologies as required by the position standard
  • Understand and implement principles of the Oregon Intervention System (including use of Protective Physical Intervention)

Other Positions

Listed below are other positions that PCL has available in the agency.

Area Director

Locations: Marion & Polk Counties

Wage: $2,307.69 differential after the completion of Orientation

PCL’s Executive Residential Team is hiring an Area Director for Polk and Marion Counties. This position provides operational and administrative leadership to the assigned Service Team Coordinator and related administrative support team. This role is part of PCL’s Senior Level Management as well as the Area Director team, as their first team, and are expected to work closely together to ensure residential services as a whole are supported and fulfilled as directed by PCL’s mission and playbook values.

This leader requires managing multiple priorities and is instrumental in ensuring safe and exceptional support to people experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) and co-occurring mental illness. This role requires exceptional multitasking skills and a firsthand knowledge of current requirements under the Oregon Administrative Rule (24 Hour Adults, 24 Hour Children, Community Living, and Supported Living rules). Highly qualified candidates will have direct supervisory experience in the field of I/DD in the comprehensive service industry.

Residential Area Administrative Specialist

Locations: Marion & Polk Counties and Jackson & Josephine Counties

Wage: $17.50/hr + $0.75/hr differential after the completion of Orientation

PCL’s Residential Department is currently recruiting for a Residential Area Administrative Specialist. A successful Area Administrative Specialist is the ‘glue’ of each area of service. They are well versed in all the agency’s processes and procedures. They are detail oriented and able to juggle multiple and competing priorities. They have not only a task oriented focus but, as well, find and take advantage of teaching moments. The Area Administrative Specialist provides whatever support is needed, at the moment, to ensure that Service Team Coordinators are able to focus on their most important priority, the people we support. 

Staff Accountant II

Location: Monmouth

$22/hour – $24/hour, DOE bi-weekly beginning July 1st

The vision of the Staff Accountant is to provide PCL timely and useful data in order to make sound and responsible financial decisions. This competent accounting professional will take great pride in the completeness and accuracy of the work they do. They perform the tasks outlined in the profile with minimal error and complete assigned work in a timely manner. The person in this role has excellent communication skills and is professional in their contact with all PCL team members and other individuals they will come into contact with in the process of completing their job duties as the Staff Accountant.

This person will have positive and professional relationships with the employees, vendors and professionals at the financial institutions with whom PCL does business. They will process and support the agency banking transactions. They will meet or exceed expectations regarding the support the accounting department is assigned to provide.

Technology Systems Manager

Location: Monmouth

$2,210.77 bi-weekly beginning July 1st (approx $57,480 annually)

The Technology Systems Manager is responsible for maintaining our cloud based systems, ensuring that our employees have the technology and tools they need, and ensuring our systems are secure. It is this person’s responsibility to engage proactively, thoughtfully, and professionally with the people we support as well as with staff, team members, and outside contacts. The Technology Systems Manager needs to be able to work independently, prioritize tasks, be self motivated, team oriented, navigate work, and communicate positively with others.


This is a list of the different locations that we provide services.

Benton County: Corvallis and Philomath areas
Jackson County: Medford and Central Point areas
Josephine County: Grants Pass and Merlin areas
Lane County: Eugene area
Linn County: Albany, Lebanon, and Scio areas
Marion County: North Salem, South Salem, East Salem, and Keizer areas
Polk County: West Salem, Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas areas
Yamhill County: McMinville area


Expectations, Essential Functions, and Basic Duties listed below
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have and show basic computer skills.
  • Must be able to lift and transfer 25 pounds minimum, some positions may require more.
  • Must pass required DHS background check for criminal history and Protective Service Investigations. Fingerprints may be required. Please click here for a list of potentially disqualifying crimes and conditions.
  • Most positions require a valid driver’s license with a minimum of six (6) months of driving experience and be insurable through our organization’s insurance company. Limited positions in limited locations available for non-drivers. Please click here for a guide to driver acceptability
  • Complete and maintain all certifications as required by the position, PCL and other governing agencies.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain certification in Oregon Intervention System (training provided if hired).
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain certification in CPR (training provided if hired).
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screening. After employment, random, and reasonable suspicion drug testing.
Expectations for all Team Members
  • We expect our employees to represent those we support and our agency in a professional manner
  • We have a variety of positions that may involve one or all of the following job duties: distributing medications, cooking, house cleaning, yard maintenance, handling challenging behaviors, and intimate care (including providing services to both males and females in the listed areas).
  • PCL’s Team members must be dependable and reliable. This includes arriving at work at the scheduled start time and following PCL’s Attendance and Punctuality Policy.
Required Skills and Abilities
  • Able to schedule and coordinate multiple projects
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Well organized and attentive to detail
  • Cooperative and willing to learn
  • Able to operate all related computer applications and business machines
  • Ability to interpret various instructions
  • Ability to perform basic math skills
  • Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals and other related writings
  • Ability to prepare written reports using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar
Essential Functions and Basic Duties
  • Promote and implement PCL’s mission in the lives of those we support
  • Provide a stable living environment by promoting and attending to the individual’s right to respect and dignity, individual choice and input, and health and safety needs at all times.
  • Dependable, reliable and regular work attendance
  • Take pride in meeting deadlines and the quality of work they produce
  • Complete all duties related to being a Mandatory Abuse Reporter
  • Responding to emergency and/or crisis situations (may require physical intervention)
Training Information

We provide an initial New Hire Orientation consisting of two (2) weeks of classroom and on-site training.

  • Typically the training is Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm
  • New Hire Orientation and On-Site Training is paid
  • Training must be completed within 60 days of hire
  • Training for Northern Oregon Division is held in Monmouth
  • Training for Southern Oregon Division is held in Grants Pass
Compensation Information
  • PCL pays its Team Members twice a month, typically on the first and fifteenth of the month.
  • New Hire Training is paid at the starting wage listed on all job openings. After successfully completing New Hire Orientation and Core Competencies, differentials for shifts and departments will be paid per hour if you are eligible for them.

Interested in working at PCL? Check out this video! 

What’s important to us:


Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Being accountable for actions and decisions. Transparent in actions. Seeks win-win solutions.


A devotion to purpose. Including taking initiative and a willingness to dive in and take charge without overpowering others.


Promoting the idea of group success over personal advancement. Strong commitment to working hard with the team. Willing to apologize. Takes responsibility for mistakes.


Having a positive attitude. Believing that people are their at their best when we work hard and have fun together. Giving people latitude to be themselves. Having gratitude.

Abundance Mentality:

Having a positive belief that opportunity is right around the corner. Having a collaborative spirit and being respectful of each person’s gifts and talents.

What we offer:

  • Competitive monthly pay, with medical and dental benefits for full time employees
  • Training and advancement opportunities
    Great Company Perks, such as:
    • Gym fee reimbursements
    • Access to sketchers discounts
    • 401k plan with match
      Life Insurance for Full Time Employees
    • Cell phone discounts
    • Auto Repair Discounts
    • Opportunity to join different committees
    • Annual events open to friends and family
    • Pay-or-Play for your birthday
      • Pay – get a check for 8 hours of pay
      • Play – take 8 hours off
    • Supplemental insurance, such as Aflac, Legal Shield, etc
    • Employee Assistance Program, including legal and financial assistance
  • Employee appreciation opportunities, including but not limited to:
    • Free turkeys for Thanksgiving (Vegetarian/Vegan alternatives available) Subject to cancellation
    • Annual Holiday Celebration open to family and friends (Free pictures with Santa) Subject to cancellation
    • Paid Team Building Days
    • All Staff Meetings
    • DSP Appreciation Week
    • Annual Team Member Appreciation Banquet
    • Annual Anniversary Gifts
    • Opportunity to attend Annual Learning Institute.
      • Time when a portion of the agency attends a multi-day retreat to do trainings, team building activities, and networking