Covid Safety Update 11/11/2020

COVID Safety Update 11/11/2020

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A message for the people we support, our teammates, family members, and friends,

Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, has called for a two week “Pause” to our state’s COVID 19 reopening activities to prevent further spread of the virus. Two of the counties we work in are directly affected: Marion and Jackson counties.  In response to pausing reopening activities, the Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) has created guidelines returning us to “Baseline”, or beginning, of all the ODDS precautions we learned to live with in the first stages of the pandemic.

These guidelines are more cautious than the Governor’s Pause.  While we think this guidance is not a bad idea for every county where we support people, we are following the Pause List for only the counties affected.  Also, this is ONLY for two weeks starting 11/11/20 – 11/25/20.  The hope is that the growing virus spread will slow to safe levels, allowing us to return to our progress towards reopening the activities people treasure.

What does this mean for me and the people I support?

It means that we have to use the creativity we have developed early on to keep people safe while getting as much out of life as possible.  Here are some examples and guidelines:

Under the Pause, family members and friends are no longer considered essential visitors and cannot visit someone’s home if the home is in one of the ‘paused’ counties.  The only exception is if the person served is experiencing end of life support.
One to one type community supports, like Tapestry, while definitely not encouraged are acceptable in physically distanced situations, or if it is someone’s strong individual choice.  We won’t deny anyone their right to choose.  So, helping someone visit a family member or friend in a park or safe cafe would be a great compromise.
No group activities in a home are permitted during Baseline.
People employed by essential businesses can continue to go to work, following the businesses safety guidelines.  This includes Job Coaches.
Please be aware that if you live in West Salem (Polk County), and want to go to Salem (Marion County), it must be for an essential reason, not recreational., even though you live right across the river.  The same is true for Jackson County.  If you live in Grants Pass and need to go to Medford, Jackson Paused for Baseline guidelines apply.
Keeping people safe is everything.  In the confusion of so many shifting rules, it helps to think of this in simple terms.

Group activities are bad.
Staying in your own county is good.
Masks save lives.
Below are some technical resources if you would like more detailed information.  We will share more information as we receive it.  If you need help making decisions or are confused about what’s right, ask your supervisor or an Executive Team Member for clarity.  If you need help explaining this to a parent or guardian or are a parent or guardian, Gwen Whelton is your go-to person.  She is PCL’s Family Facilitator and she’s ready and willing to help.  You can contact Gwen at

Just two weeks – until 11/25/20!  We got this!

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COVID Two Week Pause 11/9/2020

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