Grocery Shopping Lists

Grocery Shopping Lists

admin, March 25, 2020May 14, 2020, COVID-19, 0
Hello everyone,

We are implementing the following Grocery Shopping Lists so that each person we support can get the groceries they need for the time being while keeping everyone as healthy, safe, and happy as possible.

Here is the link for STCs (or designee) to submit a grocery list.  Once a grocery list is complete and approved by the STC, we will assign the list to a personal shopper. The personal shopper will attempt to get everything on your list and then deliver these items to your front door.

Casey and the IRT gals will be heading up the Northern Area.  Dayna will support Lane County and Jennifer Williams with coordinate for the Southern Area. Our goal is to begin orders and deliveries next week!!

Grocery Shopping Lists (links by area)
Alex | Angie | April | Leslie | Natazha | Serenia South

You can also access these links from staff links or the PCL Website ‘In The Know’

I’m sure there will be some kinks to work through and questions to answer, but we look forward to helping you get all your grocery needs met!

STCs – please watch for more info from Casey (and/or Dayna and Jennifer).  As well, please keep Casey in the loop on any questions or concerns as we work through this new process.

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