“True Employment is not a social service”

Job Launch is a team of dedicated and certified employment professionals who believe everyone who wants to work , can work.
We make sure someone is there to help you learn your job as independently as possible, we can help arrange for you to have any needed accommodations in your workplace.

In Job Launch we believe…

Everyone can work and there is a job for everyone.

Our job is to be creative and tenacious in providing support.

Not working should be the exception.

All individuals, schools, families and businesses must raise their expectations.

People will be hired because of their ability not because they have a disability.

Communities embrace people who contribute.

Everyone has something to contribute and needs to contribute.

People are healthier, safer, and happiest with meaningful work.

Customizing Jobs

Customizing a job that is a right for you starts with discovering what you are great at. Our Job Launch team will find an employer who needs somebody with your unique interests, skills and abilities.

Why do jobs matter?

Working allows people to earn more money than receiving social security alone.
Working creates a sense of belonging and purpose.
Working gives us all a sense of belonging and purpose.
Working provides an opportunity to make friends, socialize and feel connected.

Successful Stories

PCL Job Launch update from August 1st, 2018: Jesse H. received his first paycheck at Summit Computer & Technologies today. Congratulations Jesse! Jesse continues to thrive in his job and his team feels lucky to have him.

Sarah has been working at Petco Since February, 2018 and she loves her job. She has found the perfect fit for her in the type of work she does, the team she works with and her working-relationship with her supervisor. Sarah tried many types of jobs before discovering her true calling!

Jamie had an interview today at TJ Maxx – she did a awesome job and was offered a position there. Way to go Jamie! TJ Maxx has become a great community partner and are determined to make sure that people with disabilities are being represented on their teams.

Testimony from a family member

“Not that there weren’t (previous) attempts. Nothing ended well, however, because brain damage is a significant jerk. My Strong-Hearted Girl struggled to understand expectations, to not explode in frustration or dissolve into a deep pool of anxiety.
In the past many months, however, one person (and this person’s team; in the disability universe no one is an island) has stood fast in the tornado that comes with serving Strong-Hearted Girl. That would be Irene.
Irene is a job developer for an agency where Strong-Hearted Girl lives. That agency (PCL), which uses tax dollars (get all the screams out now) helps people live real lives. Whenever possible, that includes employment.
People like Irene do a lot. In this case, she got my girl out into the community to learn about lots of different jobs. She helped with resumes. Irene ran between case managers, potential employers and my kiddo. For months and months, while also managing a small city of paperwork.Irene landed my daughter a job shadow experience at TJMaxx. Much to her shock, Strong-Hearted Girl ate up her days there with a spoon. Loved it.”

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Finding a job can lead you on an adventure of discovery, and no two paths are the same.