Tapestry (supports within the Day Supports service element) provides supports for people to be a valued member of their communities where they are appreciated for their contributions, skills, talents, etc. Tapestry Services provide opportunities that encourage personal growth and creativity.

Services include the following:

  • Identifying a person’s interests through Person-Centered Planning and
    the ISP process.
  • Assisting a person to find opportunities to enhance these interests by building relationships with others with similar interests.
  • Assisting a person to research, schedule, and participate in these opportunities.
  • Managing documentation and State billing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the differences between Tapestry and the supports someone receives at home?

The services that Tapestry provides are specific to helping someone build relationships that will enhance their role in being a valued member of their community.

How do you know what someone wants to do?

Through discussion and the annual ISP process, a person will share the things that interest them. A Tapestry team member will then research opportunities to share those interests, for example, classes and clubs at a community college, Google hangouts, civic groups, volunteer opportunities, etc.

How does someone receive Tapestry services?

During the ISP, the services is authorized by the County Services Coordinator or the Person Agent.