Why PCL?

Because how people live, matters.













 Help us bring dreams to life

Partnerships in Community Living, Inc. is a non profit organization founded in 1986 with the mission to Expand the Horizons and Enhance the Quality of Life for the People we Support where they work, play and live. Originally started in Polk County, Oregon, PCL has spread through several counties in the Willamette Valley, and in 2010 further expanded by adding a Southern Division (currently in Jackson and Josephine counties) in Oregon.

PCL’s organizational vision is to create and continually evolve as an agency that is the most person centered provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We also strive to create the best training and consultation on issues related to developmental disabilities in America. It is our goal to be the preferred provider of these services and the quality standard by which others are measured.

Dreams become reality

I get the support I need

Each transition plan is unique and designed to provide a home that is supportive and a safe place to live. Support opportunities include a thorough Needs Assessment and planning meetings to ensure thoughtful choice of support.

I live with my best friends

People we support live in their own homes, in the town they want to live in and with people they like and choose to live with, or on their own if they prefer. This is in contrast to how many people with developmental disabilities live, which is wherever there’s an opening.

I spend time with family

Families are a very important part of planning and providing the very best support given to their loved ones. We keep families in the loop with events, meetings, and surveys.

I make time for fun

Whether it’s a night out at the movies or a concert, a quick trip to the beach or other local attractions, or a well planned vacation to Hawaii and other destinations, people we support have very full lives of fun, adventure and experiences that leave lasting memories.

For every $1 donated…

Every dollar donated to PCL directly impacts the people we support.

We use your donation wisely.

Donations of every size are very helpful!

A donation to PCL is an opportunity to invest in the future of the different types of  supports that people with developmental disabilities want.


Real results

Job Placement

We believe that finding the right job means everything, and we help people on their path to finding a community job that fits.

New Skills

Learning new skills expands the horizons for people we support, and introducing new interests enhances their quality of life.

Self Advocacy

Several people we support are actively present at the Capital advocating for disability rights and raising awareness for the needs in this field.

Community Partnerships

Our annual company picnic, which is open to the community at large, is a perfect example of how we like to come together! We also have several other events we host and contribute to throughout the year.